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Pet safety for halloween - Glen Oak dog and Cat Hospital

Tips to keep your pet safe and happy this Halloween!

Halloween can be a fun time for people and pet, but there are certain key things to be aware of. Here are a few tips to help you celebrate Halloween with your pet safely!


Every year it seems that there seems to more and more Halloween costumes for pets available. Here are some some tips to help you choose the right costumer for your dog or cat:

1. Know your pet. WE all love seeing our furry friends in their cute costumes and some animals do very well wearing the, some animals are just not comfortable however, and it can cause them a great deal of stress and anxiety being bound in a costume that they don’t want to be in.

2. Make sure the costume is comfortable. Don’t pick a costume that is too tight in the neck, constricts their chest movement, is too itchy and irritates their skin or makes going to the bathroom an issue.

3. Are they youngsters? Puppies and kittens love to play with and chew things. Avoid costumes with small beads, parts or fabric that may present a choking hazard. Use common sense when deciding wether a costume is appropriate for a young dog or cat.

Trick or Treaters

If you are going to pass out candy to trick or treaters, be sure to know how well your pet tolerates strangers. Because people will be dressed up, it adds another level of unfamiliarity and an aggressive pet may act out unpredictably.

If you know your pet is not the most comfortable with a lot visitors ringing the bell constantly, it may be a better idea to keep them in another room where they can be less stressed by all the commotion.

Black Cats

If you have an outdoor cat, particularly a black cat, considering keeping them in the house during Halloween night. Black cats are among other symbols like ghosts, cauldrons and tombstones that are associated with Halloween.

Unfortunately, there are some very bad people that target black cats on Halloween and do atrocious things to them. Some shelters and adoption centers refuse to adopt out black cats just prior to Halloween because of the high incidence of abuse during that period. Be safe and just take them out of harms way for the evening.


It’s the time of the year for giant bowls of candy. If you are passing out candy, try to keep the bowl out of your pet’s reach or somewhere they will not have any access to it. Chocolate can be very harmful, even fatal to dogs if consumed. Take extra care in keeping any chocolate treats away from your dog or opt to buy a different candy alternative that does not contain chocolate. Even non-chocolate candy can pose a threat if consumed. Candy wrappers, certain sugar-free candies and even raisins can lead to severe gastrointestinal distress, diarrhea or even internal organ damage.

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