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Chiropractic treatment for your pet - dog x-ray

The top 3 reasons why a Chiropractor can help your pet!

A chiropractor may not be someone you think of when you or your pet is not feeling well. Here are three good reasons why they should be.

1. Chiropractors work on the nervous system

The brain is the computer, the Nerves are the wires, the spine is the distribution hub, and your tissues are the light bulb. Chiropractors work on the spine to make sure there are no transmission problems, and the tissues to make sure the bulb is lit. Nerves can be effected by pressure when they pass through small openings or over bones. Ever hit your funny bone? That is a nerve getting pressed and the zinger is resulting transmission. Your brain didn’t tell your nerve to zing, it happens because of the pressure. This happens in the spine too. When you get twisted or sore there can be a nerve being irritated. Chiropractors are trained to find and fix these.

2. The nervous system affects all the tissues in the body.

That limp could be coming from a sore muscle or a sore back. When you have a nerve that is getting irritated it cant function like it should. It is busy sending signals because it’s getting squished and not because the brain is telling it something. That squished nerve cant make its tissue work as well now. This is tissue dysfunction.

3. Tissue dysfunction leads to outward signs like limps and pain.

Just like your muscles, your guts have nerves too. Not digesting well? Could be your back. Really! Animals are wired in the same way humans are. They can have nerve dysfunction in the same way. If your muscles don’t get the right signals they generally get weaker. Same thing happens to your guts! If your intestines don’t get the right nervous input then they don’t function properly. This tissue dysfunction can cause pain like an upset digestive tract. If the same thing happens to your leg then you can have one slightly weaker leg, then you have a limp.

Chiropractors are trained to find these issues and correct them. Dr. Sarah works closely with Dr. Ashley to make sure your pet is going to get the most out of their care. If you have questions give the clinic a call.

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