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What are the most important questions to ask pet adoption centers and shelters when you’re considering adopting a pet?

Dr. Ashley Rossman, DVM recently took part in a curated panel of experts in the fields of veterinary science, animal welfare and pet adoption. Her segment is below and a link to the full article follows.

Dr. Ashley Rossman, DVM has been a practicing veterinarian since 2006. She is a co-owner of Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital in Glenview, Illinois. Dr. Rossman has volunteered with several different animal rescue organizations including Tree House, Touched by an Animal and Home to Home dog rescue. She is a strong advocate for animal rescue.

The most vital questions to ask when adopting a pet are…

“If one is adopting a dog, it’s important to ask the following:

Is the dog house trained, good with children, good with strangers, good with other dogs?
Is the dog up-to-date on veterinary care?
Does the dog have any medical or behavioral issues such as food aggression or excessive barking?
Does the dog require professional grooming on a regular basis?
Does the dog have any specific dietary needs or restrictions?
Is the dog leash trained?
What are the dog’s daily exercise needs?
Ask the shelter staff if they have done behavioral testing on the dog. If so, what were the results?
If the dog was returned or surrendered, try to find out why.

It is very important that the new adoptive parents have all the information they need to be confident the pet is a good fit in their home.

If one is adopting a cat, it is important to ask the following:
Has the cat been tested for FIV/FELV?
Has the cat been vaccinated, dewormed, and spayed/neutered?
Is the cat tolerant of other cats, dogs, and kids?
Does the cat have any specific dietary needs or restrictions?
Does the cat have any current medical issues?”

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*Post image courtesy of the original article published by Pet Life Today. You can find them on Twitter @PetLife2day and Facebook @petlifetoday.

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