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Can dogs get kidney stones?

Kidney Stones in Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatments

Could your dog be at risk for developing kidney stones? Did you even know dogs could get kidney stones? Dr. Ashley Rossman contributes to an article posted on

Dogs get kidney stones, too. Known in the medical community as nephrolithiasis, kidney stones occur when dense deposits of minerals and salts form inside the kidneys naturally. When it comes to kidney stones in dogs, a buildup of the mineral calcium is likely to blame.

Just like in humans, kidney stones in dogs can be painful to deal with. Many times, humans can pass kidney stones in their urine — it’s a painful process but unlike some other medical complications, not necessarily a death sentence. With dogs, the experience is somewhat similar. Dogs experiencing kidney stones should see a veterinarian to set a proper treatment plan in place.


Want to know more about the symptoms, causes and treatment for kidney stones in dogs?

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