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Dr. Ashley Rossman performing acupuncture

A holistic approach to veterinary medicine is based on the belief that one treats the animal’s body as a whole and not each sign or symptom. This strategy brings balance to the body. Techniques such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutritional counseling can be used to achieve this goal. These techniques are natural and many times can achieve positive outcomes with minimal to no side effects. Holistic medicine can often help when conventional treatment is unwanted or unsuccessful.

When symptoms alone are treated with Western drugs therapies or surgeries, your pet may experience temporary relief. But without restoring harmony to the body, the persisting imbalances will result in more, worsening symptoms and eventually manifest disease.

Neither Western medicine nor holistic care is the answer to every health problem. Where one is unsuccessful, the other often excels. The key is to successfully integrate the two.

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