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Glen Oak Animal Hospital - Great Dane adopted

This is what happiness looks like…

Three weeks ago, one of our very compassionate clients drove to Florida to rescue a deaf Great Dane puppy. Many times deaf animals are considered unadoptable and are euthanized. After she reached Florida she found a litter of puppies who were being kept in very poor conditions. Needless to say she was unable to leave with just one puppy, but took two home. These puppies were riddled with both internal and external parasites. On the way home the female puppy became very ill. She had to be taken to an emergency clinic.


TGlen Oak - Great Dane deaf adoptionhis puppy now named Winnie had to receive a life saving blood transfusion. At Glen Oak we are happy to report that both puppies are now thriving and responding well to treatment. Please enjoy these photos of a couple of adorable Great Dane puppies who might not be with us with out the loving hearts of our clients.



Glen Oak - Great Dane deaf adoption Glen Oak - Great Dane deaf adoption

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