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Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital - Dog Parasites article

Dog Parasites – What You Should Know

Dr. Ashley was recently featured in a Petco online article that talks about parasites in dogs, how to identify symptoms and how to treat them.

You may try to do everything you can to protect your pet and keep them happy and healthy, but according to the Companion Animal Parasite Council, many dogs will be affected by parasites at some point in their lives. These small—sometimes microscopic—organisms carry disease and can cause serious illness in our four-legged family members if not taken care of quickly.
“Parasites can cause many dangerous health issues including anemia, gastrointestinal upset, extreme weight loss and blindness,” says Dr. Ashley Rossman.

To protect your dog, familiarize yourself with common parasites in dogs and learn how to prevent and treat each of these dangerous pests.

You can read the full article here:

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