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Dog with owner- walking benefits

The Benefits Of Walking Your Dog

Taking time to walk your dog more frequently is one of the best things you can do! It benefits both your pooch and yourself, physically and mentally! We look at some of the reasons why.

  1. Why should you walk your dog?

    Dogs need physical exercise!

    This is perhaps the most obvious reason. Unfortunately, however many dogs don’t get the requisite amount of healthy exercise that they should. For owners who have no direct access to a backyard or open space, a walk may be the only time that their dog is able to walk and run for an extended period of time.

    Exercise is essential for dogs because it helps them maintain a healthy weight and fight the tendency towards obesity. Obesity is one of the leading causes for health problems in dogs, affecting cardiovascular, digestive and joint and skeletal systems if left unchecked.

  2. It is good for their mental health.

    Dogs, especially those with more energy need stimulation to stave of boredom and frustration. Many times increased boredom can lead to negative and sometimes destructive behaviors. If your dog is crying, barking a lot or chewing up shoes, furniture and other household items, they may be bored and acting out.  Give them a chance to expend some pent up energy outside.

  3. It helps them to learn how to socialize.

    When dogs are allowed to explore their outdoor environment on foot, they have the opportunity to interact with other dogs, people,  cats and other animals. They take in information by sight and smell.  They are also exposed to things like cars, bicycles, machinery do not exist inside the home. This can allow the owner to familiarize them with the motions and sounds so that they are comfortable and understand the behaviors that are appropriate around them.

  4. Its good for YOU too.

    All the same reasons for physical exercise apply to us too! There are numerous health benefits associated with walking regularly. Some of which you may not be aware of. Especially in pandemic times, many people have switched to working from home, staying indoors and less social interaction. The tendency to be more sedentary increases health risks both physically and mentally.Dog with owner- walking benefits

  5. You can bond with your friend!

    All relationships need care and feeding in order to grow and flourish. Pets are no different and love the chance to spend time with their favorite human. Walking is a shared activity that benefits both you and your pup and allows you to spend more time together!

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