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New Year's Resolution: a pet's guide

New Year’s Resolutions: A Pet’s Guide

Hello There! It’s the pet here with some inspirational suggestions for New Year’s resolutions. Have a great 2018 Everybody!

Eat healthier in 2018

Eat Healthier!

Holidays can bring out the worst in us in terms of self control. There are so many events, parties and celebrations that involve wonderful meals, desserts and treats that it makes eating healthy a bit more difficult than usual. The new year is the perfect time to either start eating a more sensible, healthy diet or get back in the swing of things. Cut back on foods that contain a lot of sugar, artificial ingredients and highly processed grains. Stick to whole food options in reasonable portions whenever possible.

Same goes for us, your furry friends: You all know how much we love to eat human food, but most often we are better off skipping that piece of cake slipped under the table. All pet food is not made the same either. The better the quality of ingredients that go into the food we eat, the better off we’ll be in the long run! Consult your local veterinarian about the best pet food choices for your animal companions.

Stop and smell the roses

Stop And Smell The Roses

We see you humans running around all the time, busy with this and busy with that. You are always in your motorized metal box thingees, zipping from here to there. We pets wonder if you really know the pleasure of lying on a rug under a warm sunbeam. In fact, sometimes the only time you aren’t on the go is when you stop to give us a few well deserved pets or scratches behind the ears! Take a little “me time” and reflect on and appreciate the good things in your life and the moments you have to spend with family, friends and of course, us! If that means more petting sessions for us, we aren’t complaining!

Go on an adventure

Go On More Adventures

Tired of the same routine? We are too! Sometimes the usual walk around the block or laying in a sunbeam can get a bit old. We’d like to get out and see the world too. Let’s go for a walk in a new park, smell some new fire hydrants or take a day trip somewhere. We would not be opposed to going camping or taking a road trip to see some pet-friendly sites. There’s a whole world out there that is calling.

Be Brave

Be Brave

The new year is the perfect time to make good on the promises we make to ourselves to get up and go for it. We rise to new challenges. For us, it might be trying not to be scared of that mean Airedale down the block when he barks at us. For you humans, it might mean tackling a new role at your job, or learning a new skill, teaching a new skill, trying a new food. Whatever your challenge may be, know that you are up to it! You have gotten this far and you most definitely can go further. Remember that sometimes to succeed, we need to fail many times before, and that’s okay. Do you think I was able to pull down that whole plate of cookies from the table on the first jump?

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear–not absence of fear.”
–Mark Twain

See your friends more in 2018

Spend More Time With Friends

For 2018 let’s make the extra effort to see more of our friends. For us pets, our pals make life more fun. They help us knock over the glass of water on the table. They help shred the new pair of shoes in a mighty good tug of war! They are by our sides as we race through the house like maniacs, destroying the floor and knocking lamps over. They are also there to help cheer us up when we are feeling a little blue, or need a warm furry body to cuddle up to when it’s cold at night.

Our friends are our rocks, our confidants, our shoulders to cry on, our accomplices in all our wacky schemes. In most cases, these are the individuals in our lives that help us make it through in one piece and love us for who we are, warts and all. Hope you make the effort to spend time with your best friends too, humans.

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