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Patrick - Touched By An Animal

Touched By An Animal – Daily Herald Article

Dr. Ashley Rossman was recently quoted in an article in the Daily Herald about the Touched By An Animal Organization.

Excerpt: Touched By An Animal is neither a shelter nor a rescue group. It is a licensed sanctuary for cats whose human companions need time or help in caring for them. Lost and “tossed” cats and kittens are also welcome.

“We treat cats that we care for as our personal pets in our home for their lifetime, unless or until their human companion can reclaim them or a private family chooses to adopt and care for them,” Binder said.

The house the cats call home has 70 to 80 residents at any given time. One-third of them are being held for their original owner, to whom they are bonded. One-third of the cats are lifetime residents, because of health issues or advanced age. However, they may be able to be adopted if the right person comes along. And the remaining third are looking for new families to adopt them.

“They are fastidious about taking care of the cats,” said Dr. Ashley Rossman, a veterinarian with Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital in Glenview. “The home is kept meticulous, constantly being cleaned, with the cats loved and cared for.”

The full article can be viewed online here OR as a downloadable PDF scan of the printed copy

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